Guide Gear: What you have and why you love it...and what you have and why we shouldn't buy it!

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Guide Gear: What you have and why you love it...and what you have and why we shouldn't buy it!

Post by mblaylo1 on Mon Aug 29, 2016 1:03 am

After spending time in the field (whether professional or for pleasure) we have all found pieces of gear that we LOVE and unfortunately, pieces of gear that we HATE. This topic thread is a chance to share those pieces that we think everyone should own and also to warn others away from a headache with a price tag.

The first piece of gear i want to bring up is something kind of silly: trail pants. It seems in todays REI world, trail pants are a dime a dozen; especially cheap trail pants. Normally REI brand suits me just fine. But the longer i am in the field and the more brands i try out i have found that i can TRUST Kuhl brand clothing. Specially i want to point out the Radikl Pants from Kuhl. I couldn't find a link that would take you directly to a description of the pants, but the main feature is, "...a cutting-edge and patent-pending combination of an exoskeleton woven cloth frame with flexible, alternate knit panels...the woven frame creates structure to give the RADIKL PANT the appearance, strength and performance of a traditional hiking pant. While the world sees structure and durability, you will feel the soft, flexible, and comfortable knit fabric panels...Located at key points of contact and flexion - crotch, yoke, front pockets, and side panel from waistband to just below the knee - the knit panels create the feel and movement of a sweat pant." This is the second version of the Radikl Pant that Kuhl has created (the first being nice in theory but having the soft, woven cloth in places that tore easily). I highly recommend this product if you have the disposable income. They go for $89, but they are 32% off if you buy them through REI at the moment. Or you can do what i do and get a pro deal with Kuhl Wink


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Re: Guide Gear: What you have and why you love it...and what you have and why we shouldn't buy it!

Post by dallancaldwell on Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:09 pm

I will tell you the one piece of gear that I have and use all the time and will not go to anything else when i have fresh water is my gravity filter. I can fill a bunch of bags with dirty water and have them at camp ready to be cleaned. being able to filter water and do other things is a life saver. You get to camp and guests are wanting water I can go get the water start filtering and walk away and let gravity do all the work for me. I use the platypus filter because if you have an extra bladder with the easy quick connect and they are compatible to use together. I do make sure that I continue to use the dirty bladder so I don't mess up and in a week start making a mess in my pants. No buddy wants to be that guy who gets Giardia parasite.


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