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Post by StefanDudzinski on Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:25 pm

I am new to JRI and have only been guiding for a half of a year. However, after about 8 trips down Havasupai, there are those nice camping spots in the Havasupai campground that I pray are not taken already.

If you are tired of being in the sun from the 10 mile walk to camp, try to find a spot along the south wall of the campground. These spots along the canyon wall are mostly shaded all day and are close to the spring for water access. The downsides of these camp spots are that they are crowded, a little trashed, and they have a pretty bad squirrel problem. However, during the middle of the summer, the shade is completely worth it.

Many times I have pulled up to the permit office in Supai and the office staff says that all of the campsites are full. The first place I go to when I get to the campground are the spots along the north wall of the canyon. There is a bridge around the middle of the campground that takes you to the less crowded side of the canyon. There are some spots just down-canyon of the restrooms that are usually open and have picnic tables to spare. These spots are usually less crowded, have more space, and has close access to the restrooms. Some downsides are that these spots have very little shade and are a pretty far walk away from the spring.


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