All about Yosemite!!!

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All about Yosemite!!! Empty All about Yosemite!!!

Post by SabrinaHikesAZ on Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:21 pm

This is the section of the Forum that is set up for our Yosemite Guides to easily share information with each other.


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All about Yosemite!!! Empty Yosemite hints for getting (or trying) into the park quickly

Post by kylesherm on Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:05 am

Hey Yose guides,
Just some quick hints for Yosemite.
I like to get into the park early as possible, especially on weekends.
First: If You call Dori's and ask if they have the order ready they usually have them ready or will in like 15 minutes
Second: I like to go to Dori's and mar Val's first so you don't have to back track into Groveland. Ferretti road goes all the way through to Highway 120 and comes out by Casa Loma's bakery (turn left).
Third: I stop at the big oak flat wilderness permit office. Which is on the right as soon as you go through the entrance to the park. At the Big oak flat permit office the lines are much. Shorter than in the valley and after a couple times the rangers will know you by name and CUA. Just brig the CUA #, and permit #.
Forth: I drive straight into the stables parking and park, you can park there until 10 pm. So you can stay and wait until Curry/Half Dome Village clears out and get a spot.



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All about Yosemite!!! Empty Orientations

Post by dallancaldwell on Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:23 pm

When meeting guests make sure you are visible and can see the bus stop. Sometimes guests will be hanging out at the stop just like the email says to meet. They will also walk around the parking area so be ready to ask people if they are with Just Roughin' It. One of the biggest things is to go into backpackers camp early and set up tents to reserve your spot before they are all taken. Another tip for the first night is to leave the food in the bear canisters at curry/half dome village that way you don't have to make multiple trips to your car from backpackers camp.


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All about Yosemite!!! Empty Re: All about Yosemite!!!

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