They Did or Said WHAT?!?!?!

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They Did or Said WHAT?!?!?! Empty They Did or Said WHAT?!?!?!

Post by SabrinaHikesAZ on Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:17 pm

We all have spend days in the back country being asked the same questions... "How much further?" "Are we there yet?" and have found cleaver ways to answer these types of questions. But what are the CRAZY THINGS guests have asked you or have done. That left you thinking, "what did I just witness???"

This is just a fun topic about the unusual things guides see and hear in the canyon. Please don't use any names. But please include your response to these questions or how you reacted.


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They Did or Said WHAT?!?!?! Empty Re: They Did or Said WHAT?!?!?!

Post by dallancaldwell on Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:04 pm

On a trip I had a group of ladies in their 30s on a Hermit to South Kaibab. The first day went off without a hitch or anything interesting happening. On the second day of the trip we were staying down at Granite Beach and discussed the protocol for using the restroom. I understand that it is a little harder for women to pee into the river due to anatomy. These ladies were more than to happy to use their new backcountry tool for women to help pee standing up. the "she wee" or whatever they are called there are a few on the market. They all went to the bathroom a separate times and the first one went and came back with no problems the second had a bit more trouble but no mess. The third one went and was gone for a decent bit of time. When she came back she was holding her wet pants in her hand. She voluntarily told me that she had some problems with the device on how to use it, which in my case never came to my mind if it had a front or back.(they do apparently) I do believe her exact words were " I had it pointing the wrong way and ended up peeing into my pants." I was so happy that the river was there and didn't have to carry them the rest of they out.


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