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Emergency Food Boxes Empty Emergency Food Boxes

Post by Jonopem on Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:36 pm

For those of you who don't know about the boxes kept at Cottonwood and Indian Garden at the ranger stations...
There is an ammo box on the patio where there is emergency food... Dehydrated meals, canned food, snacks, etc. and there is another ammo box there with emergency supplies... bandaids, tape, and self-rescue supplies. When either donating or using these boxes at IG I always check with the ranger first. Sometimes they keep extra food inside, white fuel, canisters, etc... that they will be happy to accept or donate if you are in need. Especially when the outdoor boxes are full.
There is a large brown job box at Cottonwood under the breezeway in the ranger station with the similar supplies and there is another large box there with emergency gear. Since there is seldom a ranger at Cottonwood, these are self help boxes and in speaking with the rangers, you can feel free to donate to or use these supplies if necessary.
I have had times when guests bring pounds of snacks that they do not need or want to carry out (never let a guest sell themselves short of calories though - make sure you monitor how much they have left to make the hike out!) and they are very thankful for the donation boxes!
It also doesn't hurt to know what is these in case you find another hiker who may be in need of help along the trail.
One other place you can donate (and sometimes find fresh apples and carrots leftover from box lunches) is at Indian Garden in the Wrangler Box. It is in the middle of the trees that are surrounded by benches where the wranglers tie up the mules (across from the mule watering trough). It is an ammo box.


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Emergency Food Boxes Empty Re: Emergency Food Boxes

Post by dallancaldwell on Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:51 pm

Jon, that is some great information to know where these boxes are incase of an emergency. As a company we do not want guests leaving anything in these boxes. We are a pack it in, pack it our company. We want to make sure that these boxes stay intact for an emergency use only situation.


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