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Post by jbhamburger on Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:39 pm

If your guests cannot make the ten mile hike from the Havasu Falls campsite back to Hualapai Hilltop, the helicopters are another option for getting them out of the canyon. This post has information that I've collected from times when I've had to put a guest on a helicopter and information from this website:  http://waterfallsofthegrandcanyon.com/havasu-falls/havasupai-helicopters/

March 15 to October 15:                                        October 16 to March 14:

Sunday: Open                                                           Sunday: Open
Monday: Open                                                           Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed                                                        Tuesday Closed
Wednesday: Closed                                                    Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Open                                                        Thursday: Closed
Friday: Open                                                             Friday: Open
Saturday: Closed                                                       Saturday: Closed

Signing up for a helicopter ride:
When the helicopters are running, sign up begins at 9am the morning of but the line to sign up begins much much earlier than that. I try to get guests to the line by 6am. When I do, the line has already begun forming by that time. The line to sign up for a helicopter ride is in Supai Village (two miles from camp) along the fence across from the basketball court and public restrooms. THE HELICOPTER RIDE IS $85 PER PERSON AND INCLUDES ONE BAG. YOU CAN PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER) OR CASH.

If a guest is unable to make the hike out, the helicopters are a somewhat reliable way to get them out of the canyon. I've found the horses to be less reliable than the helicopter. The horses don't take guests out of the campground on a regular schedule and they cost up to $250 which has to be paid in cash up front. I've used the horses to get guests to the top of Hualapai Hilltop in the past but it involved planning ahead multiple days (ask the ranger at the camp ground for information if you need it). With the helicopters there is still no 100% guarantee that your guest will make it out that day. Tribe members get first priority when it comes to flights. This means that even if you are at the front of the line you could still end up waiting all day for a ride. IT IS COMMON TO NOT LEAVE THE CANYON UNTIL LATE AFTERNOON EVEN WITH A GOOD SPOT IN LINE. High winds can also ground the helicopters for the day. All of this is why I DON'T USE THE HELICOPTERS UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and why I discourage guests from thinking of the helicopter as a backup plan if they don't want to make the hike out.


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