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Turn Around Points For Yosemite Empty Turn Around Points For Yosemite

Post by kylesherm on Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:53 pm

Hello all,

Below are a list of trails, the last absolute turnaround points and the maximum time it should take to get there:

Yosemite Falls: First vista of Upper Yosemite Falls (2.5 hours)
Snow Creek: Valley Tree Line Break after starting climb (3 Hours)
Mono Meadow: Top of Ridge after Mono Meadow before Illilouette Creek (2 Hours)
Nelson Lake (Via Lake Elizabeth): Lake Elizabeth (3 Hours)
Ostrander Lake: First Trail Junction (2 Hours)
Chilnualna Falls: First open view on Ridge when you can no longer see Wawona Valley (2.5 hours)
Happy Isles: Top of Vernal Falls (2.5 hours)

Use these as guidelines - While these are helpful it is best to identify struggling hikers as soon as possible. It is also important to identify General Red Flags, below are some examples however are not limited to:

- Group members causing the group to move slower than 1 mph
- Repeated Falls
- Shaky Legs
- Extreme difficulty with Pack
- Recently disclosed medical information

Yosemite is unique and reroutes are possible, so there are lots of factors at play.


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